Jay & Friday’s ‘Text Talk’ – What’s Next?

Week 1 of 2014 text session:

  • Marvel’s MAJOR crossover plans
  • 2014 box office predictions
  • comic books that should be TV shows
  • casting the re-launched FF movie

….(disclaimer: rated ‘R’-   for raunchy, rowdy, and sometimes ridiculous!)


Friday: We need to predict what the 2014 movies will do money-wise. My $$$ is on Cap, with Guardians being a sleeper hit, since most kids don’t know who they are.

JAY: Oh guardians will be a surprise hit!… A cult fave kinda like ‘Hellboy’ but bigger! marvel knows how to push their movies, plus the cast is nice!

Word of mouth, fans, multiple viewings, high Cinemascore Grade, nice opening weekend…and ROCKET RACCOON! I think it will clear $150Mil domestic

Kids are gonna wanna see Rocket Raccoon lol I predict a $30-$35mill opening. (take note!)


Friday: (1/2) What I would like to see is marvel do a cross over with the actors.

what i mean is Chris Evans is Cap on the big scren, work him in an episode of agent

(2/2)s of shield and the avengers cartoon voiving. Sign these guys to contracts like that.

Jay: lotta $$$ to do that on TV if nielsens dont justify it

Friday: i luv vin diesel as groot! I’m going to want that voice in the cartoon adaptation.


Friday: (1/2) marvel’s got the dough. Read my latest post. They are giving us characters! DC gave us four. Five, if you count the Losers, which I loved the movie, but there w

(2/2) as no follow up.

JAY: Uhhh…yeah. cuz no one CARED.


Friday: it was better than Surrogates!

JAY: wow…thats saying a lot lol


Friday: (1/2) Shit, it isn’t even a DC comic. Damn, do we have to text the top Ten worset CBM;s of all time?? I’m throwing dolph lundgren under the bus TWICE: masters o

(2/2)f the universe and the wack ass punisher movie! Hell punisher will make that list twice!

JAY: (1/2) yeah but Losers was Vertigo, Vertigo is  GOLDMINE of great ideas! The Losers should be on TV is all im sayin, not movie…

(2/3) I stillsay 100 Bullets and Scalped are the two next big things on TV!

Dude…Y the Last man!!! One man on earth??! An all woman cast?? How is this NOT in development?!?!

(3/3) Girl on girl lovin’?? Sheeeeeiiit! 😀


Friday: Cinemax hasn’t picked it up yet.

JAY: Its like ‘walking dead’ meets ‘chasing amy’ Lol

Friday: Nice!


JAY: (1/3) I’m thinking demographics. Who will watch this show? The 18-49 male demo is a LOCK! kick-azz women! Plus, with the humor and violence we’re looking at a hit!

(2/3) AMC proved that ANYTHING can be on cable so Y the Last man aint even taboo. thats a no-brainer! and if we wanna see the hardcore TnA with occasional girlie sex?…

(3/3) move it to Starzz or Showtime 😀  this is too easy really 🙂 lol


Friday:Put naked women in it and all men 18-49 plus women 18-27 will probably watch it.

JAY: oh FaSHO!

(1/3) Get a lead who is kinda geeky but still looks kinda eye candy with his shirt off. Appeals to the nerd AND female base… and surrd him with Michelle Rodriguez-type femme fatales!

(2/3) fuckin….Tank Girl bitches haha 😀  look, apocalyptic theme (trending), WOMEN. dark humor. WOMEN. one nerdy guy. NAKED WOMEN. and a monkey! haha

(3/3) fuck it lets buy the rights and develop it ourselves lol. the timing is ripe for a show like this.

Friday: if only i had that type of money…

JAY: i know right…


JAY: (1/4)Dude did u see the list of failed new shows from 2013?? i mean…who are the suits green-lighting this shit? they were horrible! they are batting in the .100’s lol

(2/4) scalped is AMCs next breaking bad! go read that first ten issues. you’ll be hooked.

(3/4) simple premise and insanely badazz. gritty crime drama with heavy familial undertones. like a mob story. think Sopranos on an indian rez…

(4/4) matter fact they can change the TV name to ‘The Rez’. catchy. killer shit.


Friday: Might have to go read that. (Scalped)

(1/2) Its all about timing. and writing.

Agents of Shield better get it together. the writing isn’t really that good.they tied some eopisodes into Thor 2 but

(2/2) if they do a few cameos, they will startlosing the audience.


JAY: They alrdy lost me. Agents of SHIELD started feeling like ‘Chuck’ lol.

Friday: Coulson holds that show together.

JAY:(Chuck mixed with Heroes lol)

Friday:  I said the same thing…again, its the writing! I bet some writers from Chuck are on that show.

JAY: (1/2) U know i been saying this for 4 years now…100 Bullets and Scalped need to be on TV! Next big shows on cable TV. 100 Bullets is just INSANELY entertaining on every level!

(2/2) think ‘X-Files meets The Wire’…done by Tarantino. Has that QT black comedy. the dialogue. pacing. characterization.

Friday: (1/2) Yeah i read your blog on it. I think it could work, now how do we convince the people in t

(2/2) he position to make it happen is the question?

JAY: (1/4)The suits are afraid of the gunplay. Which is whack because, hello? ZOMBIE GORE?? freakin Breaking Bad blew a guys FACE-OFF! Walking Dead is cutting off old man heads with a sword! I mean…..

(2/4)One thing Vince Gilliam did with ‘BrBa’ is show how to temper violence with great storytelling. It can be muted. or alluded to. Or hell, SHOWN..

(3/4)with the right perspective. ‘Bullets’ doesn’t have to be shoot-outs every episode. plenty of story around that! and it has gre

(4/4)at characters people will care about! The leads, Dizzy and Wiley and agent Graves, are perfect. Its a shame this isn’t on TV yet!

Friday: we watched the whole season of walking dead in ONE DAY. ready for nxt season

Friday: we should recast ff movie. they currently talking about redoing

JAY:  Ughh. I think I heard She hulk and Wolverine and Spidey? How u feel about a relaunch?

Friday: if they do it right im fine with it. Spidey was done right.

JAY: I liked both FF movies! would rather see a Silver Surfer film next!


Friday: Casting was good except Jessica Alba. But can’t use Chris evans anymore now he’s Cap.
So we recast. Bring in fresh faces.

JAY: Yep

Friday: (1/2) I want Josh Brolin as Mr Fantastic, Stone Cold Steve Austin as The Thing (very few lines), January Jones as the invisible woman, and Joseph Gordon L

(2/2)evitt as the Human Torch!

JAY: WTH…thats a terrible casting!

First of all JGL is waaay too big now to play sidekick guy lol

and Josh Brolin?? as Reed Richards?!  he’s too ‘burly’! wait…ur thinking Josh Brolin from ‘Hollow Man’ huh- that was him like 15yrs ago lol

(1/3)Stone Cold…nehhh…Thing is actually a brainy guy who dumbs himself down. Thats what i liked about Chiklis. He could pull that off. Not so sure about Stone Cold lol

(2/3) Dude…JENNIFER LAWRENCE! Ride her wave of awesome as the Invisible Woman! 😀 Matter fact, Im casting her in every lead white girl role for the next decade! haha

(3/3) that girl can strait act her ass off

Friday:  that was the problem with Alba. Not believable as an older woman.


JAY: We agree on that. Alba sucked! Looked good in Sin City tho! 😀

Friday: Yeah, she did!

Im thinking you should cast your FF movie against mine.

Jay: ok! Jude Law is my Reed Richards so u already lost lol 🙂

Friday: alright. that should be our next blog!



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