The Grab Bag 1/23/16: Batman #6, 2nd Print (2012)

Batman Vol. 2 #6, 2nd Printing variant: “The Court of Owls, Pt. 6”- very scarce!


Came across a pretty sweet book lately…

I must say that the Court of Owls are my favorite new baddies. Apparently they have been secretly running Gotham City for like , 1,000 years or something like that lol.

Batman Vol. 2 #6 features a stunning cover featuring the Dark Knight transforming into a grotesque owl due to poison. We see a horrified look on Bruce’s face as he grows a monstrous talon!

This instantly classic issue features the 1st full appearance of the Court of Owls and Bruce being beaten to near death at the hands of the TALON.

This 2nd printing ‘blood red’ wash cover has a very low print # and is extremely hard to find!

Book is available in my ‘grab bag’ to purchase now! Listed at $34.95usd in NM condition but make an offer $$$- SOLD!


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