The Grab Bag 1/24/2016: New Mutants #98 – Introducing, DEADPOOL

NEW MUTANTS #98 – 1st Appearance DEADPOOL! – NM White pages

1st Appearance issues are my main hobby and this is one of the best in the modern era. back in a magical time called the 1990’s, comic book issues were selling by the millions! The New Mutants was one of the hotter titles. A 19-year old Rob Leifeld took the industry by storm (for better or worse). he turned this second-tier book into a must have read.

Issue #98 introduced three new characters: Gideon, Domino, but more importantly Deadpool; the latter of which went on to become a cultural icon! I owned multiple copies of this book back in 1991, at its original price of $1.00. But now a single pristine raw copy in Near Mint condition sells for upward to $400! A graded copy can fetch nearly $1,500!


The long-awaited Deadpool movie is coming out soon and it looks freakin’ hilarious! Marvel did that right thing that giving it a hard R-Rating, so we can enjoy the Merc with a Mouth in all of his 4th wall glory!

This book is available in my grab bag now in Near Mint condition at a premium of $375usd. Make an offer. 🙂

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