2014 is upon us…..

so folks, 2013 is over!

Good. great. gone. see ya later!

let’s get on with 2014 and the greatness of movies that are to come. Getcha popcorn ready, folks! Start saving that spare change and tire money! Start buying Natty Light, because Hollywood has no shortage of Super Powered blockbusters coming our way this year!

Marvel is giving up THREE solid gems this year, by the way.

DC? we get Justice League: War, an animated movie. Again. 😐

DC, as usual, is failing in the creativity dept. Hollywood has no shortage of writers, and if you toss them some extra bucks, I am quite sure you can get another DC character on the big screen who doesn’t wear a cape and cowl or a blue onesie with a red cape. Don’t get me wrong, you finally got good movies in this decade out of Bats and Supes, but we the fans demand more! Marvel rolled out a plan to get ALL of their characters on the big or small screen in some kind of way.

And who knows?

Maybe Arrow is good (I’ve never watched it), and maybe The Flash will also be awesome (I have watched the old, velvet suit wearing series). But they once again rode the coattails of BIG  BLUE (ala, Smallville). Jay said it before, You are saturating us with Superman and Batman (literally one of our FIRST posts!  -Jay) .

Wonder Woman gets a reboot, only to have it cancelled for a small appearance in your next Superman Batman movie (She deserves better, we the fans all agree). And though Green Lantern faltered, it was the script. The special effects were on point. I digress, though….

Keep coming in second, DC. I still love you. Anyway, folks. Here’s a list of just the CBM’s coming out this year according to IMDB. I will keep my eyes posted for any that might have slipped through the cracks, or haven’t drawn a buzz. Who’s ready to get sick on popcorn and grape- flavored ICEEs? I know Jay is down! (cherry icee for me 😀 – Jay)


Captain America-The Winter Soldier


The Amazing Spider-Man 2

amazing spider-man-2 poster

Guardians of the Galaxy


300: Rise of an Empire


Need for Speed



X-Men: Days of Future Past


Transformers: Age of Extinction

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Jupiter Ascending


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

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Live comic book movies are the shit!!

so, I have been away for quite awhile, but I come back bearing gifts. namely a new channel on youtube I recently discovered. Now, I may be late, but you have to check this out. Its called super power beat down.


The people over at batinthesun studios could teach a class to the big wigs in hollywood.

This channel gets right down to the nitty gritty and answers some of the questions the majors aren’t asking.

Deadpool vs Batman? yep, we got that covered.

’66 Batmobile vs the ’89 Batmobile in a drag race ? that’s covered, too.

so head on over there and check it out. bonus: they have a white ranger vs scorpion battle that many don’t agree with.

you might also want to check out the mortal kombat legacy page. the good folks over at machinima are just a fanboys wet dream come true. THIS is the tv show/movie they the die hards are asking for. the background stories, the action, and the casting is superb. enough so that they have 2 seasons already filmed, and are rumored to be shooting a season 3, a film, and a small screen adaptation that will be separate from the webisodes.



give that a shout and let me know what you think! and if you know of any other sites, we here at 2 comic book guys are always interested in it!


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Jay and Friday’s – Text Talk! – &^@#&^@#!

New feature folks!

Sometimes Friday and I have our best talks and blogging ideas while texting each other – and usually while we’re at work… when we SHOULD be working! lol Here is a look into how our blog ideas form – real excerpts from our latest text -talk….(disclaimer: rated ‘R’ for raunchy, rowdy, and ridiculous, and sometimes racist!)


JAY: Got your top 20 cb movie list for the blog. is this ranked??

Friday: You asked for #1-20 top cbm. No way in hell I would put iron man below GI Joe.  Feel free to rank them.


JAY: Hahaha. ok! (whew)

Friday: You and I pretty much agree on things like this.

Friday: Fucking affeck as Batman?? I still don’t get it.



JAY: #worried

Friday: Lol

Friday: (1/2) I’m watching Batman: the brave and the bold on netflix. Its got some funny moments. Diedrich Bader (from the drew Carey show) is the voice of batman. Tha

(2/2) t was enough for me right there.

JAY: Whaaaat! Niice!

Batman BnB


Friday: A slew of guest appearances, really. No superman or wonder woman though.

JAY: Hmmmm.

Friday: This one slid under the radar. The first season is 26 ep. Long!


JAY: yeh thats what I luv about BnB. The gueests!

They do Plastic man yet??

That fool funny as shit

Friday: He was in 2 episodes. Dude, the had him and elongated man bickering about who Batman liked the best! Shit was funny!

JAY: :D!


Friday: Hawk and Dove fighting each other like some little kids, haha!

JAY: Wow

Black canary?

Friday: (1/2) Black lightning, katanna, and metamorpho are teens and formed a group called the outsiders. Deosn’t really tie in with the justice league and justice lea

(2/2) gue unlimited lines, though. I went back and watched both series all the way through.

Canary was in one episode, and it was with music master, so the whole episode was singing. They gave her a schoolgirl crush on batman.

and aquaman is a CLOWN in this! He might be my favorite character in the series!


JAY:  Yeh he need an image makeover


Friday: They went 180 with him! not too serious.

JAY: total oposite of Namor. Perfect


Friday: The blue beetle has a man crush on Batman as well! Even had to fit the original, ted kord! The voice for him is the same as the voice in young justice.

JAY: BB and booster gold both wannabes!

Espec BB tho!


Friday: (1/2) Man. Booster Gold is a fucktard.


Love blue beetle, though. I can’t wait for the season of young justice, though. netflix has all the old wb cartoons. Jus

(2/2) t missing animaniacs and pinky and the brain.

JAY: hahaha@fucktard.

yeh really

Gotta get them rights from WB and Spielberg! $$$$


Friday: They just need spielberg. None of his sht is on netflix. Nor Lucas. Hmmmmmm…..coincidence?

This could totally be a topic for the blog, by the way.

JAY: Yeh…$$$$! Dude I’m alrdy on it

Friday: Do it!

JAY: Lucas been milking SW For over 30 years now

of course he wants $1B from netflix lol


Friday: (1/2) Rumor has it the new star wars is supposed to be the origin of the kids/ Hans and leia’s. I’m getting mixed reviews about it.


I’ll still watch it. Waitin

(2/2)g on Guardians of the Galaxy! Shit is gonna be awesome!


JAY: WHo is doing R. Raccoon voice??

Friday: Bradley cooper. Vin diesel is groot.



Vin as groot


JAY: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh! Sweeeet!

Friday: I think they nailed it with the voices.


JAY: Who is the chick in GG? Gamora, right?

forgot who the chick

Friday: Zoe Saldana is Gamora!



JAY: Yaaaaay!!  #stiffy

Friday: New ninja turtles is gonna be nice too! Megan Fox as april o Neal? Fuck yes!

Oh Michael rooker is yondu! He looks awesome as shit!

Bautista is draxx. They fuckin nailed that one.



JAY: Bautista was first cast member right!

Friday: No, Chris Pratt was, I love that they chose him, by the way. One of my favorite new actors

from parks and Rec. and the movie about taking down bin laden

JAY: ooooooh riiiiight! ANDY! lol   luv PnR –

luv me some Audrey Plaza!!


Audrey…Aubrey?(sp) whatvr


Friday: SO you know its gonna have some funny moments.

(1/2) found an interesting article on the Marvel movie universe and upcoming projects. Iron Fist! Rumored with Ray Park! Total nerd erect

(2/2) ion right now!!

RP as IF


JAY: SWEET! yeah thats a no-brainer!

Ray Park. Not ur erection. 😐

Friday: HA!



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